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Former Charlie Sheen Goddess Bree Olson Bares All For the Bunny

Okay, it's not as if Bree Olson hasn't been seen nekkid before, as though still quite young, she was a rather prolific star of the mature themed entertainment world for a brief, but noteworthy while. Still, making the cover of Playboy is an entirely new level of on-camera spread, certainly an aspiration of so many hotties, including the ones at one point hung their futures on the rising star that was the falling Charlie Sheen and his impromptu cult of Chuck. Yeah, that didn't go so well. But, there's an old saying: if you're super hot and blonde and have an amazing body, you'll be just fine. Maybe it's not an old saying, maybe I just made it up, but it seems to make sense.

Bree Olson will be just fine. She is just fine. If she can stick to just one stage name and talented photographers, she'll become even finer. Enjoy.

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