Goal! Larissa Riquelme Topless Pictures for Your Game Winning Kicks

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Guess we'll call this the tie-breaker in the battle for greatest Paraguayan soccer fan. The sultry curvy hot and sexy Larissa Riquelme just couldn't wait (well, I couldn't wait) for her national team to take victory and flash her nude body in the streets, so she took to the pages of SoHo magazine to flash her boobtastic/asstastic deadly combo in nekkid fashion. I'm no referee of celebrity hotness, just a fellow ogler, but I must say... Ay Dios mío! Enjoy.

(Muchas gracias for the head's up on these hot bodied pictures to our Latin world EgoReaders 'Miguelangel E.' and 'Juan M.', son todos hombres.)

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