Melissa Satta Flashes Perfect Asstastic In The Boot

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A wet thong bikini on a hot-bodied actress and model? Yes, I'll take an order of that to go please.

American transplant to Italy, Melissa Satta, loves to flash that ridiculously hot body of hers on the Italian beaches as much or more than any of her peers. For this, I respect her craft.  This Boston-born actress and model and star of many of my personal fantasies since seeing her even wetter in last year's S.I. Swimsuit collection, just can't help but be hot.  Toned, tan, and awesome. It's really kind of disconcerting how glued I find my retinal cones to that bottom of hers. I hope she takes it as a compliment, I mean, even as she gets one of her soccer star boyfriends to come kick me forcefully in the shins. Enjoy.

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