Naike Rivelli Flashes Second Generation of Nekkid Hotness for Interviu

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Talk about mother-daughter lineal lusting, Italian actress Naike Rivelli showed off her beautiful wares for Spain's Interviu magazine, and, wow, does it evoke images of her mom, Ornella Muti, just one of the all-time classic Italian starlets of the 70's and 80's movies for grown ups. While the rest of the world was coming down on sexuality in film, the Italian directors amped the sexy and nekkidness up to volume 11, and Ornella Muti was one of the silver screen's boobtastic queens. Now, her daughter Naike Rivelli, making her own name in modern cinema, is showing that tremendous body-hot blood line. Simply amazing. Di bell'aspetto!.

(For those who appreciate the classics, and, by classics, I mean hot topless young female celebrities, check out mom Ornella Muti from 1972 in her first delightfully topless film role. You veteran cinephiles might also remember Ornella Muti as hottie Princess Aura in the 1980 cult classic, Flash Gordon.)

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