READER FINDS: Ariana Grande Cheek Peek, Candice Swanepoel Topless, Vera Farmiga Flashing the Farmigas, and Michelle Hunziker Bare Bosom

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Once again, our faptabulous fantastic readership never fails to let us down, with a cornucopia of cream of the crop celebrity hottie submissions that really are the highlight of my ogling week. Always tough to pare down the sexy to a short list, but this weeks highlights of the reader finds includes a peek at the barely legal buns of Ariana Grande, sexy shots of Candice Swanepoel, some Vera Farmiga above the waistline nekkidness, and some pictures that I'm told are Michelle Hunizker un-bikini topped, but I am not 100% certain, but want to believe.

Thanks to a million and one of you for submitting the full and blossoming buttockal region of the barely legal Ariana Grande, co-star of Victorious. I know there's a rampant, underground passion for this curvaceous young ginger, and I can peek why. So, take a look at that rump from this past week, and just imagine how it might look in less wholesome settings. At least, that's my professional recommendation.

Many thanks to 'David N.' for providing a tights-clad and otherwise topless visual of Our Lady of Swanepoel, a most amazing specimen of womanhood. These Candice Swanepoel pics from a Derek Ketella photoshoot are hot enough to cut through steel, but gentle enough to woo you into a long blissful state of sextastic slumber. One of the hottest women on the planet and an accomplished pimpstress of lingerie, we lust to see her topless like this.

Somebody out there lusts the heck out of Vera Farmiga, and her name is 'Cheryl B.' A million kudos points to Cheryl for sharing with our audience an often unseen and unremembered but highly leer-able view of Vera Farmiga all kinds of topless in Down to the Bone. A quick view of these power puppies will have you Up in the Air, if you know what I mean, and I believe you do.

Finally, EgoSuperFan 'Adam' demands to know why we are not showing our beloved Swiss Miss, Michelle Hunziker, without her bikini top on. And, unlike people who make pointless demands, Adam send in solutions in the form of these topless pictures. Not seen there before and can't verify their legitimacy, but, dare to dream when it comes to uber-MILF Michelle, because we do so want her badly. Enjoy.

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