Thank God It's Funbags (TGIF): Classic Peta Todd Topless and Pregnant and Milky Hot

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(UPDATE: The B&M people did not want you to see Peta pregnant, maybe self-loathing prego body haters, so those photos are gone from this set, but our good friends at Zoo magazine stepped up with some Peta Todd sextastic photos from her latest spread that ought give you your Peta-fix. Do absolutely lust her.)

We've made it. Friday. The very best day of the week, eff Saturday, it's the promise made by Friday that Saturday can only hope to deliver. And, as always, we kickstart the weekend with that thing, those things, we lust the most -- sweet hot sexy female funbags. This week's edition of TGIF was inspired by a debate had earlier in the week over the hotness of a very pregnant Jessica Alba, who I happen to find inspiredly sextastic this time of her glowing gestation. And, well, to tilt the balance of the hot-preggo debate in my favor, we uncovered and rediscovered this amazing set of boobtastic and with-child-body fantastic photos of British glamour model Peta Todd from when Body & Mind magazine covered her photographically during her pregnancy. Wowzer. If you dont' have a solid case of pregnant woman hotness fetish after viewing this pictorial, I will refund your money. Enjoy.

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