Ali Larter Lusters Warning: Butt Cheek Flash!

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You know what's wonderful? The return of Ali Larter to the flitting about town in little outfits game just in time for the hot days of summer. Bingo, bango, bongo --  butt cheek flash snapped by our telescopic snappers as the forever Varsity Blues whipped cream girl did a little more running and prancing and bending over around town in a short summer dress. It's like magic wrapped in sunshine contained inside a box of awesome. Mmm, Larter flesh.

And, just because we couldn't help but notice how hot Ali looked flashing her seat cushion during the day, we added some pictures of her from later in the evening at a cocktail party in Malibu where the blond MILF looked all kinds of simply hot and sexy in jeans and a low-cut top. Talk about climbing the ladder of the sextastic three rungs at a time. Ali Larter, you are going to injure some men today. Enjoy.

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