Bethenny Frankel Flashes the Real Panties of New York

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I try so hard, so hard to make the ladies and closet Real Housewives watchers happy on here by bringing in some of their faves (that's Bravo talk for 'favorites') to Egotastic!, but I tell you, it's a chore. So much makeup, plastic surgery, and unhappily aging housewives masked behind Botoxian Zombieland faces. It's hard. But, every now and then, something pops up that takes us down the shlock reality hole and into a land of at least some visual delights. Today, Real Housewife alum Bethenny Frankel and a a quite delightful view of her perfectly white panties beneath a short pink dress as she exits a car to go pimp this or that to ladies who become visibly excited and red in the cheeks when shopping. Enjoy.

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