BREAKING NEWS: Topless Photos Purportedly of Best New Artist Nominee, Kreayshawn, Tweeted on Night of MTV VMA's

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This is weird. Very weird. Unless you believe in cosmic Karma, which I definitely do after approximately seven beers.

I had just been reading up on the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and came across music artist slash rapper slash some kind of fashionista snarky icon from the S.F. Bay Area who goes by the name, Kreayshawn. I know, it sounds like a bad AIM user name. But, Kreayshawn was not only handpicked by MTV to cover  the red carpet for the VMA's tonight, she was up for Best New Artist her own badself (which, in a grand bit of nomenclature irony, she lost to 'Tyler, the Creator', guess he got bonus points for proper syntax or something.)  If you've heard Kreayshawn's Gucci Gucci song before, then you've got a leg up on me MTV music wise.

Now, here's the Egotastic! kicker. Kreayshawn's Twitter account starts blowing up on her big night when suddenly topless photos purportedly of Kreayshawn start coming across her Twitter. The best I can reckon, she claims innocence to the publishing of what looks like (but can't be sure) her own birthday suit photos. Anyhow, her account was suspended, but not before her unclad self portraits made it halfway around the Twitterverse and back. Well, what can we say but, Kreayshawn, nice way to meet you.

We'll update if we can get anything that seems like reliable information. Enjoy.

(P.S. Thanks to a ton of you for writing in with news tips, including 'Jonathan', 'Adam', 'Kenny', and 'Adam' to name but a few. Love our Readers.)

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