Geri Halliwell Flashes Panties in a Shoe Store To Signal Her Freshly Single Status

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If you love hot, rich, freshly single blonde veteran MILFs flashing panties in shoe stories in the South of France, this picture set might just be for you. Geri Halliwell obliged the ogling world with not only a short summer dress and some fantastic legs for a veteran hottie, but the recently broken up and single mom gave a glimpse of her white panties to enhance the entire shoe store fetish setting.

If you've been reading Egotastic! for a while now, you know about the six months I once spent selling women's shoes. The Dark Days of Dank Fungus-untastic I like not to call them. Never did a Geri Halliwell place her foot into my measuring device or flash me a glimpse of white cotton heaven. Life remains unfair, but a bit brighter today thanks to Ms. Halliwell. Enjoy.

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