Irina Shayk Nipple Pokes Will Make You Leer Above the Waistline

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Sometimes, I ogle the near-perfect lycra-covered asstastic of Irina Shayk and I find myself completely mesmerized, like I could stare for years and not even be aware that time has passed or that my shorts need changing. Like the glowing hypnotic orb in Cowboys & Aliens. Thankfully, I am awoken from my catatonic state by a solid jab to the retinas by the luscious nipple pokes the supermodel was flashing yesterday while stretching and jogging in her little sports bra, barely containing her mighty treasures beneath. If there is a more delightfully sextastic body out there than that of Irina Shayk, I'd sure like to see it (without clothes, and repeatedly, with some soft music playing in the background). Enjoy.

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