Jessica-Jane Clement Nippletastic Sexy for Nuts

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Oh, Jessica-Jane Clement, my lovely Sheffield lass, you will be mine. You don't know it yet, for sure, but you will when you receive my dozen roses (well, half dozen, I can't really afford the full twelve, and, maybe they might be carnations, I had a coupon, but you get the intentions, I hope) and you get weak in the knees and prepare your boudoir for my arrival, which surely must include the laying of the lavender silken sheets, fluffing of the pillows, and the purchasing of the nightstand Cheetos®, daddy's love machine don't run on thin air.

Our friends at Nuts have really outdone themselves this time, capturing the poking beauty of this sexy British celebrity glamour model, in just a little bit of sheer clothing, perfect for the ripe plucking in the recesses of the libido, where happy thoughts go to become even happier. Jessica-Jane, listen for the knocks. Enjoy.

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