Lindsay Lohan (and Mom) Bares Cleavage To Almost Nipples for Nuptials

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While Kim Kardashian spent her pre-wedding time in the Kardashian money counting room in Calabasas, her newly reconnected bestie Lindsay Lohan spent several hours perfecting herself into a bosom-revealing dress that was almost certain to wardrobe malfunction the minute she got her second or seventeenth drink in her at the big wedding.

My six-fingered assistant, Gretchen, tells me that it's a no-no to wear white to somebody else's wedding, but I'm giving Lindsay a pass on this one. First off, the guests were all strictly warned to wear only black or white so as to perfect the 'true love' television filming. Second, let's face it, Kim was wearing virgin white, so if lightning didn't strike her first, all traditional customs were obviously off the table. Also, let's face it,  the super low cut white dress is super extra tarty on Lindsay, and this is a very good thing. Enjoy.

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