Milla Jovovich (Covered) Topless on En Fuego Mexican Vacation

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(Okay, there were just some shots were we couldn't cut out the husband and Resident Evil director, Paul Anderson, but, we did try, you know.)

Milla Jovovich has been sexy and in the public eye for just about forever it seems. It may be because even though she's only 35 still, she started fashion modeling when she was like in second grade in the Ukraine or something, and pretty much been pimping her hot looks ever since. I can respect that. Not everybody wants to be a doctor. (I wanted to be a garbage can when I was a kid; read into that self-esteem wise what you will.)

Milla Jovovich hit the South of the Border vacation hotspot this week with her aforementioned lucky bastard husband, and did some manual acrobatics to deny us telescopic oglers a change to see the bare Jovovich twins, but, still, some rather nice covered topless bikini candids that remind me why I watched The Fifth Element eleventeen times when I first got it on DVD.  Enjoy.

Credit: Splash News

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