Milla Jovovich (Covered) Topless Pictures Reveal a Woman Not So Damn Glad to Meet Us

As long as Milla Jovovich keeps hitting the pool and hot tub topless, the telescopic lenses of our vastly underpaid field agents will continue to try and catch her Ukranian mini-melons, because, dammit, that's what we do here at Egotastic! We can't just start manufacturing cheese here now, can we? Oh, but that we could.

Milla and her husband continued their obviously not-so-private Mexican getaway vacation in wet and topless style, and, thankfully, within 300 feet of the nearest brush line. We do hope that Milla and her man are getting some uninterrupted time to buy local trinkets and knock boots and do all the things I ever dreamed of doing with a supermodel on vacation in Mexico (pretty much, just those two things actually, minus the trinket shopping, natch). Enjoy.

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