Miss Colombia Flashes The Medellín Muff During Miss Universe Rehearsal

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There you are, on perhaps the most important day of your young career. Hair just right. Check. Make-up. Check. Dress looks great. Shoes. Teeth sparkly white. Check. Check. Check. Remembered to put on panties... D'oh!

Miss Colombia, the sultry Catalina Robayo, has sparked a veritable pubic firestorm with her upskirt flash at rehearsal for the Miss Universe pageant taking place in a couple weeks in Brazil. The sextastic brunette flashed a solid view of Sudamericana soul patch as she took a seat between rehearsals on the big all-nation dance number. I've long ago lost interest in staged beauty pageants, but if we're about to enter a new phase of below the belt competition, I may just have to start tuning back in. Enjoy.

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