UPDATED: Topless and Bikini Pictures of Lee-Grace Dougherty of the Now Captured Siblings Bank Robbers

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(NOTE: We added a couple more far more 'exposing' views of Lee-Grace Dougherty for your scientific and newsworthy examination. Be sure to check out all the latest Lee-Grace Dougherty news. And thanks to EgoReader 'Jeff A.' for supplying even more clothes-less pictures of America's former most wanted female fugitive.)

Now that the quickly famous Siblings Bank Robbers have smashed up their car in Colorado and dutifully been placed behind bars, I think it's time to expose the Ma Barker of the brothers-sister gang, Lee-Grace Dougherty, in much of her unclad glory. This lovable rednecky Florida stripper turned bank heister with a penchant for blindly shooting at law enforcement officers may not qualify for hottie celebrity, but being the most infamous women in America as of today, and, well, being that we have bikini photos of her and a couple shots of her bare bank-robbing boobtastic (and given that nobody but the deserving Lee-Grace herself seems to have been injured in all the mayhem), well, what the heck. Time to see the Most Wanted female fugitive in the flesh. Enjoy.

(Special thanks to 'Craig' from for his contributions to our Lee-Grace Dougherty impromptu pictorial.)

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