Thank God It's Funbags (TGIF): Karina Jelinek Flashes the Full Monty on Beach Holiday

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With the pounding in the head today courtesy of my good friend Jack and his brother Daniels, I wasn't quite sure I'd live to see this weekend, but, glorious Friday, oh, how your soothing balm restores the sense and heals the most insane of hangovers (if only it could clean the vomit off the shoes).

This week's edition of TGIF features the candid delights of Karina Jelinek, Argentinean model delight, who was caught sans bikini top, and bottom, on her recent beach vacation. For those not super familiar with the world-over boobtastic Karina Jelinek, we added a lust-able pictorial from this month's Gente magazine. She really has a body you ought to get to know well. Enjoy.

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