Angela Simmons Flashes Her Downtown Junk for Beach Oglers

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DJ Run's daughter done got a fun little booty.

Reality star (whatever that means, precisely) Angela Simmons hit the beach this weekend in Miami, rekindled some bumping of the uglies with ex-boyfriend Bow Wow (formerly Lil Bow Wow, turned just Bow Wow, all of which makes sense when your parents name you Shad) and flashed her curvaceous bikini body for all those within binocular shot (including, thankfully, the paparazzi). It's not that I think it's polite to leer at a hot girl's nice big bikini butt, it's that I really can't stop myself from doing so, so what the heck, show some pride in your addictions. And, to be fair, that is one might fine arse. Enjoy.

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