Karlie Kloss (Covered) Topless For the Super Alluring Look

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Of course, we favor young supermodel Karlie Kloss just a wee bit for her Windy City birthright, but we favor her a lot more for just being ridiculously hot, and even if we have to weed through tons and tons of ladies magazines to find her latest sextastic pictorials, and spend hours and hours getting our nails done to do so (all lies!), we'll do just that. Take for instance Karlie Kloss in the current edition of Allure magazine, a magazine that sounds like it should be for dudes, but it isn't, until this month when the genetically gifted Karlie appears covered topless on its multi-color pages. Oh, the tease buried within these photos is enough to make a man want to build a cabin in the woods and be alone with his thoughts for a month or two decades. Karlie, we need to see much more of you soon. Enjoy.

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