Laura Benanti Bunny Time Hotness Set for The Playboy Club

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You may know her from her many stage roles and Tony Nomination for her performance in Gypsy, or, like me, you know not a wit about legit theater, however, you can name the original two continents in Azeroth for bonus points at geek bar trivia, still you dig super hot actresses, especially when they've been tapped to play cocktail waitress bunnies in The Playboy Club TV series debuting this Fall.

Say hello to Laura Benanti, who Playboy magazine was kind enough to preview in a few sexy, even though sadly under-nekkid wise, photos in the October edition of their magazine. I'm still not quite sure about this new TV show. I am quite sure that Laura Benanti is a girl I'd like to make many many baby bunnies with. Enjoy.

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