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Thank God It's Funbags (TGIF): Jenna Jameson Early Pictures Reveal an Adult Star in the Making


This week has felt like a week and a half. Like a high mass, or a Britney Spears album, this period of time seems to be going in a never-ending serious of slowed-down, unwinding clock seconds. But, we've made it to Friday, a time to look forward, so, what the heck, we're looking back.

You know how sometimes you check out old yearbook photos of kids you knew and they always grew up to be something different than how you ever expected. Like the nerdy kid with glasses is now an MMA fighter and that dude who thought he was Kurt Cobain, well, okay, he's still wearing flannel and playing lousy guitar riffs, but you know what I'm saying, nobody turns out like you expected.  Well, thanks to our friend 'Kool M.' we can now review a series of classic early Jenna Jameson naughty modeling pictures, and in addition to rejoicing in the glorious funbag and lady nest flashes from Jenna, we see a young woman who seems destined to become one of the world's biggest adult film stars, and, yep, that's exactly what she did.

I love it when a life plan comes together. Enjoy.

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