Are the Britt Dekker Leaked Playboy Pictures A Publicity Stunt from the Dutch Bunny?

Editor's Note: some or all of the media previously associated with this post has been removed.

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For those not up on the recent scandals in the land of Van Gogh involving leaked photos of Playboy Netherlands shoots of celebrities quite nekkid showing up on other websites, well, the latest and greatest seems to be reality star and dumb-blonde of the moment Britt Dekker, and there is speculation including on her prominent eponymous site,, that perhaps this is a planned publicity stunt from the Dutch edition of the bunny to build up a buzz for their pictorials prior to public release. Having spent many hours before sitting in rooms of media companies concocting underground promotional ideas, I would not immediately dismiss this proposition.

Somebody on the Playboy team is leaking like a sieve. We're putting inquiries into the magazine house ourselves to see if we can get an honest answer. Enjoy.

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