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Ashton Kutcher Alleged Mistress, Sara Leal, Topless Party Pictures!


Oh, you alleged mistresses, you are a cheeky bunch.

Sara Leal, the girl who purportedly knocked boots with Ashton Kutcher a couple weeks ago on his wedding anniversary night while the Mrs. away filming, well, she's got some party pictures in her past. Now, far be it from us to judge girls who love to tip the sauce and flash their funbags in public; in fact, not only do we not judge it, we count on it for a living. And Sara Leal giveth big time in this epic display of topless fungirl fun time photos we've obtained, to share with you, because we love our readers second only to the celebrity skin itself.

Make no mistake about it, Sara Leal is very much the modern day celebrity. Sleep with married star, create massive controversy, go on Oprah. Only, now, Oprah's retired, so I guess it's straight to the tell-all book (Passion With Ashton: The Sara Leal Story) or perhaps an interview with the morning show twits. So many possibilities, so much money to be had. Such nice boobs. Enjoy.

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