Cinthia Fernandez Goes Fully Monty on Latina Sexy Version of Dancing With the Stars (VIDEO)

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Damn I love Argentinean television. I mean, seriously, ever since I found out I have a long lost cousin down Buenos Aires way, I've been trying to reach him to jank up an International Sling Box so I can absorb much more of the Sudamericana version of reality shows where the battles between the ladies are not fought in cheeky interviews in People magazine or some Ryan Seacrest talk show, but on camera, getting all kinds of nekkid.

Remember last week when Victoria Santos leaked topless photos appeared and then it was discovered that the boobtastic TV personality and model was she-banging local soccer star, Jonathan Ferrari, and then she called into a talk show to taunt Ferrari's equally boobtastic celeb girlfriend, Cinthia Fernandez? Of course you do. Well, what did Cinthia Fernandez do in return? She took it out, sexy Latina style by stripping nekkid on the Argentine version of Dancing with the Stars (oh, so much better than the U.S. version, not really even comparable) in a show of tawdry raunchy dancing funbags and bare lady nest that would actually melt the eyeballs of the FCC if it aired in the U.S.

Well played, Cinthia. Sadly, I don't think we'll be seeing Kristen Cavallari copying any of your moves on DWTS. Enjoy.

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