EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING: Purported Belen Rodriguez Sextape Leaked from The Boot (VIDEO)


Well, the Right Honorable Silvio Berlusconi has asked Egotastic! to remove quite naughty images and video of his beloved, in a totally non-sexual way, Belen Rodriguez, and we have obliged, for the sake of Italian-American relations. Sorry for the let down, but the self-published tape is currently 


. On the other hand, you can read into this as to legitimacy of the subject matter I do suppose.

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A couple things here. First, we have know way to know for sure if this is the Belen Rodriguez, the super hot Argentinean model who moved to Italy to become a famous TV personality and film actress and bed a number of famous Italian dudes. The Belen Rodriguez with the perfect asstastic and ridiculous bikini that we feature as often as possible here on Egotastic!, not to mention her previous racy public making of the sexy moments.

Second, well, damn half of Italy who is emailing us this morning seems quite convinced this is the Belen Rodriguez in a self-published work shot by her boyfriend previous to the current famous photographer dude she's now she-boinking. As always, we'll let you be the judge.

Please be aware that the tape itself contains explicit content, not for children, although, ironically, it does depict how children are made.

Viewer discretion heavily advised. Not for viewing under age of 18. Seriously.

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