Joanna Krupa Covered Topless and Hot for FHM South Africa

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When I think of Joanna Krupa, I think of the two of us out on a long sea voyage on the H.M.S. Egotastic!, the six-foot dinghy we purchased slashed borrowed without asking from Gretchen's dad when he was Ambien-walking one night and said 'Yes' to every question. I would paddle with the one rusty oar, as Joanna Krupa would lay in a tiny bikini, soaking up the sun, perhaps taking it all of to even out her town as we made our way around the Cape and into oceans beyond. Obviously, there would be much making of the sexy, as much as could be had in a tiny patch-covered leaking rubber inflatable, so, you know a lot.

These Joanna Krupa covered topless and swimsuit pictures from the current edition of FHM South Africa just blows away the libido part of my mind, essentially the entirety therein, with thoughts of how nice it would be to be stranded at sea with this hot-bodied Windy City model. Enjoy.

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