Michelle Hunziker and Vanessa Hudgens Go Asstastic Cheek to Cheek in Stretch Pants

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Sometimes, there's just too much eye candy in the store to decide what to get. It's overwhelming. I try to be rational about my favorites, but when it comes to such things as the stretch-pants covered butts of my belusted Swiss Miss, Michelle Hunziker, and local bike-riding brunette hottie, Vanessa Hudgens, and their two hind-sides packed into a lycra-poly sweat absorbent packages -- well, that's just overload.

Across the globe these two sextastic butt-flashers crashed the gym for a pre-workout junk-show that made many men lift far more weight than was healthy. Muscles were torn, ligaments damaged, lives lost perhaps, but such is the price of an amazing asstastic. Enjoy.

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