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Aline Weber Doubles Down on Topless Hotness For the Brazilian Win


Whoa! Who ordered up the second round of hot fair haired wonderments from down Rio way? We double down at Egotastic! more often than the sad-sack drunken gambler splitting 6's at the blackjack table, but we only split 10's. Meet the young hot rubia, Aline Weber, who my fellow ladies mag readers have been seeing for a few years now on the pages of Elle and Vogue and the world's top periodicals for the fashionable set, but who many of you may not have seen officially before, at least not officially topless and sextastic as she appears in this Tom Munro photoshoot.

I'm no marketing genius (I mean, genius is such a strong word), but I'd say that if the Brazilian tourist board wanted to dominate the destination travel business, just mix and match Cintia Dicker and Aline Weber on the cover of their brochures and you'd have a waiting list for those trying to hop planes, trains, and boats for the Federative Public of Brazil. Enjoy.

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