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BREAKING NUDES, ERR NEWS: Suelyn Medeiros Sex Tape Leaked According to TMZ


You remember SueLyn Medeiros. The Brazilian model with the Kardashian-challenging asstastic who got snookered up and sideswiped a bunch of cars in her Delorean this past summer along Hollywood Boulevard. Yeah, that Suelyn Medeiros.

Well, now, there's a sex tape out of the up-and-coming starlet at and according to our breaking gossip news partners at TMZ, SueLyn is claiming the sex tape was purloined from the clutches of she and her boyfriend who were just bent on making some very bent private video art. It's so very hard to tell in these situations who is telling the truth. Every celebrity sex tape comes with similar disavowals from the celebrities claiming it is being released against their will, only to more often than not discover the celebs themselves are taking in a piece of the action for showing off their pieces in action.

No way to know right now, but we'll keep your abreast of any and all SueLyn Medeiros breast-related news type developments. Enjoy.

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