Chloe Sims Nipple Slip Like Moons in the Manchester Night

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Ah, those Manchester slips.

We're not sure if The Only Way is Essex reality show has raised the level of public discourse and social intelligence in the U.K. as Jersey Shore certainly has here in the U.S., but we do know that it's introduced the Egotastic! world to a whole bevy of buxom beauties that are more than ogle worthy, which is a true boob tube accomplishment itself. Chloe Sims wardrobe malfunction (and, with any of these girls, calling it a wardrobe malfunction seems a bit short-sighted) last eve in Manchester actually registered on our personal Richter scale in terms of personal quaking. Those twin moons are big enough to have their own moons in orbit, not to mention the high tide created when they broke free of their material constraints.

Quite a nipple slip indeed. Enjoy.

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