Emma Frain Topless Striptease To Remind Us To Be Thankful of Curves (VIDEO)

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Oh, it'd be easy today of all days to proclaim our gratitude for amazing fun bags, and, trust me, we light a candle and slaughter a sacrificial lamb (we used to use virgins, til we ran out of them in Hollywood) daily in thanks to delicious D-cups, but today we honor curves and the women who flaunt them. Take your skinny-as-a-rail thespianics (although some of them are quite hot), we'll take the sexy celebrities with a little meat on their yummy bones. Gorgeous glamour model Emma Frain not only sports the melons of an Olympian goddess, but packs on just the right amount of flesh in just the right places so even in the pitch dark and even before you rounded first base, you could be 100% certain you were being blessed with the magical presence of a woman.

Rock on, Emma. Aces with the curves. Enjoy.

emma-frain-sexy-stripteaseby EgotasticMedia

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