Giada De Laurentiis All Wet and See-Through and Boobtastic For the Today Show in Barbados

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We know there's a tremendously untapped fountain of lust for the minxy little chef, Giada De Laurentiis. Those of you who've been discreetly staring over your wife or girlfriend's shoulder when the hot Italian-American flashes her omnipresent cleavage on the TV Food Network as she jiggles her tomatoes (in the pan) back and forth. Now, by the Power of Greyskull, we have some out of the kitchen shots of the boobtastic little cooking hottie, in a see-through to her bikini wet top working the week's co-hostess duties on The Today Show filming from Barbados. Yeah, we cut out Matt Lauer, sorry. And we could use much more (or less clothes) on the sextastic pixie-like Giada, but for today, a little moistness around the happy happy chest will most definitely hit the spot. Enjoy.

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