Gracie Carvalho (Covered) Topless and Scorching Hot on Pages of Maxim

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The extraordinarily hot supermodel Gracie Carvalho and her spread in her native Brazil's Maxim magazine this month allows us to both take another attempt at properly spelling São Paulo, Gracie's hometown (sorry, Brazilian peeps for our misspelling earlier this week), and, more importantly, to introduce you to yet another world class supermodel superbody.

Our tour of Sudamericana hotness in 2011 has been nothing short of epic, and, quite honestly, the only way we were ever going to learn the geography we slept through during our brief, but listless formal schooling years. With a body like Gracie Carvalho, we are more than willing to stand up and pay attention (I mean, we can't stand at the moment, but give us another fifteen minutes or so to avoid the snickering and giggles.). Enjoy.

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