HUMPDAY HUZZAH: Jordan Carver in a (Covered) Topless Wicked Hot Photoshoot

Well, you all seemed so giddy last time of our substitute of very nearly nekkid and size-mungous Jordan Carver boobtastic for the typical Wednesday full flashes, we thought we'd try again with this extraordinarily hot pictorial of the world-famous buxom model. It's not just that Jordan Carver totes twin maximus mammaries around 24x7, but she does so while looking ridiculously sextastic, a rare combo in the world of the record-sized racktastic. In this downright libido-memorable pictorial, Jordan manages the rare feat of covering two of her Guernseys with just one arm (hand was not an option) while still looking somewhat like the hot gal who lives next door and we just can't stop ogling.

On this Wednesday before we give thanks for all the goodness in our lives, we'd like to offer up a double helping of lust gravy for the momentous occasions of Jordan Carver. Enjoy.

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