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Josefina Pouso (Covered) Topless for A Bit of En Fuego from Tierra Del Fuego

One thing we've learned now in our multi-thousand hours of virtual travels through Argentinean television is just how dedicated they are to producing an endless series of ridiculous television shows with even more ridiculously hot women. So many variety shows with a wide variety of super hottie Latina panelists and hostesses, and, but of course, in Sudamericana the sextastic celebrities are compelled by culture to put themselves on display in the local men's magazines, including Josefina Pouso this month in SH magazine, in some amazing bits of lingerie and covered topless show for the sexy TV princess often referred to as 'Legs'. I can think of a few other bodily part nicknames that apply to Josefina above and beyond her legs, but this is a family channel, so we'll keep it clean.

Just some more naughty fun time with our sultry Latina TV stars; la vida es muy bueno. Enjoy.

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