Leilani Dowding Makes Love a Little Less Tough With Topless Beach Dogwalk

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You know well of our vast, profound, and otherwise gonadial based lust and affection for former Miss Universe contestant and TV celebrity Leilani Dowding, who has blessed the shores of our fair nation in pursuit of some sort of VH-1 reality competition that would have us believe it's hard for somebody as hot as Leilani to find love (okay, I know, the supermodel whine about never being able to find a boyfriend, it may be true, but shuddup already about the pains of being too hot.)

Either way, to up her romantic resume, the stunning Leilani got all the more stunning, by taking her luckiest dog in the whole world for a walk on the beach while topless. That is, Leilani was topless, not her dog, we don't go for that. But Leilani Dowding and her sextastic body without a bikini top. We could go for that all day long. Tough love indeed. Enjoy.

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