Leilani Dowding Suntanning Topless in the Sunshine State

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Despite our repeated proposals to the hot British import, Leilani Dowding still refuses to admit that someday she will be the chief concubine to the High Commissioner For the Sextastic, namely, ourselves, and bunk luxuriously in the small room adjoining our master suite chambers in our 728 sq. ft. studio apartment. It's all pretty much been laid out, now we're just awaiting a positive response (or for the fishing net we have placed outside her abode to drop and capture her in the manner of Wile E. Coyote).

The ridiculously hot bodied former Miss Universe contestant, and the Eurasian with the booty-full of hotness, continues to lure us from our sanity with bikini, sexy workout, and downright topless sunbathing photos of her own hot self from the beach in Miami where she is currently doing a stretch of virtual community service for the gentleman ogling community. It's like an amazing show that never ends, and we don't even need to keep dropping quarters into the machine from our sweaty hands.

Bless you, Leilani, for lettering Mother Sun and her pasty white sons revel in your hotness. Enjoy.

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