QUICK HIT: Aly Michalka Flashes Just a Hint of Nipple Slip For Halloween Night Kicks

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Just when I can't fall more in lust with tall blonde and boobtastic Aly Michalka (and I would not turn a blind eye to sister AJ Michalka, mind you), the former Hellcat cheerleader goes and dresses up in a cleavetastic little number for Halloween night, flashing just a teeny tiny nub of nip, not quite a fully starred treat, but a tender hint of what almost was full-Halloween candy glory. Blow it up full-size and see for yourself. Enjoy.

(Thanks to EgoReader 'Jonathan' for this Twitpic discovery!)

And be sure to check out our Egotastic! Facebook Page to see the blown up version of this surprise guest looking all pushed-up boobies like at the same party -- yep, that's Miley Cyrus.

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