Scarlett Johansson (Covered) Topless Awesome in Interview Magazine

Oh, how we lust our Scarlett Johansson. Clothed. Nekkid. Or somewhere in between, as in the full pictorial from the preview we brought you previously of the sexy Avengers' Black Widow from her stunning photoshoot for Interview Magazine. Wow. Of course, we never thought that Scarlett needed any reputation fixing after her leaked cellphone picture scandal, that made us just like her even more, if anything, it was her inexplicable fling with Sean Penn that needed some serious 'splaining, but if this sleek, covered topless, visuals of the buxom hottie are her way of steering the conversation back to just plain ole Scarlett hotness, we're down with her plan. It's never a bad plan to fall back on what you do best. Enjoy.

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