Aida Yespica Topless Photo Extravaganza (Yuletide Blessings from an Egotastic! Reader)

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Oh, how The Boot is representing today, more specifically, EgoSuperFan 'Giuseppe' who has been watching our lust affair with the bikini madness going on with Aida Yespica in Miami this past week, and witnessing our frustration at not seeing just a lot bit more bare bodily acreage on Aida. So Giuseppe went and rounded up his tutto di tutti hottie topless roundup of the Venezuelan-turned-Italian TV starlet and ever-gossiped about model.

Not since Santa brought me the X-ray glasses I had asked for at age eight so I could stare at girls in the neighboring high school locker room have I been so excited about a Yuletide bit of prayer answered. Grazie mille, Giuseppe!

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