Alice Goodwin (Maybe) Closes Out Hot Topless Calendar Preview Season

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It's been a truly wonderful calendar preview season this Autumn, checking out the best of the racks of the 2012 topless calendars. As we wind down toward the actual near year, we definitely look forward to the oversized glossy glamour models pictures we'll be seeing each month of 2012. 

Britty type hottie model Alice Goodwin with the glorious globes o' plenty, provides what may be our final preview of the current year of next year's boobtastic wonderments. And she does not disappoint. The striking raven haired beauty brings all the class topless poses to pair, flashing her utterly ripe udders to signal the most passion-inducing measurements for the passage of time. We will definitely be seeing Alice plastered upon our plaster walls in just a couple weeks time now. Enjoy.

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