Daiana Guzman Gets Nekkid for Playboy Mexico In Her Sixteenth Minute of Fame

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For all the talk of the downfall of U.S. celebrity into one might mass of reality show tarts and news story d' jour girls turning their fifteen minutes of fame into an entire career, let us take comfort in the fact that we are really not alone in this regard throughout the world. Take for instance Mexico, where a then seventeen year old Daiana Guzman rocketed to infamy at the beginning of this year when she accused Latin pop star, Kalimba, of unwanted and forcible attention in a motel room after one of his concerts in Mexico City. Kalimba was later arrested and spent a short time in the slammer before charges were later dropped for lack of evidence. But Daiana Guzman became quite the household name, and, don't you know, by summer and her 18th birthday, it was announced that the modern age celebutante had agreed to pose nekkid in Playboy Mexico. Full circle.

Now, we have two choices here at Egotastic!, we can take a stand on principle and refuse to show you the pictorial of this rather attractive young Latina on the pages of The Bunny, or, we can, you know, be a little flexible in our morals for the sake of sharing sexy nekkid pictures of this budding reality starlet. 

To thy own self be true. Enjoy.

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