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Egotastic Hotness Awards 2011 -- Top Ten Celebrity Asstastic

Damn we were overwhelmed with the massive voting in our first annual Egotastic! Hotness Awards, we honestly did not expect such widespread voting, but we're glad to have one of the few annual polls that allows its readers to decide, because, by golly, 100,000 male stones can decide better than the few world-weary family jewels packed around here. Even with our caveman voting system, we outpaced what any other polls can ever hope to register on other sites. We thank you for that.

Each day for the next 13 days we'll present winners in each of the voting categories, leading up to the Most Sextastic winner announced on the Friday before Christmas, if my math is correct, which, you know, 50-50 at best on that front.

So, let us begin...

ASSTASTIC EXTORDINAIRE: Jump into the gallery to see the results of the Top 10.

(And come join us on Facebook Egotastic! to discuss how your girl got robbed, of course.)

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