Elle Basey Topless Pictures For the Most Faptastic Footwear Shots Ever

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Do you love ridiculously hot young British glamour girls modeling footwear by way of boobtastic displays? Of course you do.

Imagine our delight when we snuck a peek at the amazingly hot bodied Elle Basey sneaker pimping all kinds of topless in Esquire U.K.  Personally, my first thought was, this doesn't look at all like Mildred, the kindly lady who addresses my pedestrian needs at Payless Shoes. (Then again, can Elle Basey work me a discount for two pairs of Crocs for $24? Doubt it.) Whatever the backstory is on these photos, we highly endorse pimping by way of topless hotness; nothing ever sells worse because a sextastic celebrity is flashing skin to promote it. I guarantee. Enjoy.

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