Emma Glover and Sabine Priek Topless Christmas Lingerie Pics Put the Myrrh in Mirthful

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Each year I conduct what I like to call the 12 Days of Christmas Lingerie shopping. Granted, by day four of the silk-laden odyssey, I'm usually broke or arrested or find myself waking up in a stupor in a dumpster behind the mall wondering why my downstairs outbox hurts worse than my head, but those are some hazards of the avocation. It's not so much that I am self-inspired to shop for the sheer and lacy bits this time of year, it's just that I am a simple-minded victim of the never-ending streams of super sextastic lingerie ads and pictorials in this season of giving.

Take for example the gloriously hot Emma Glover and play partner Sabine J. Priek in the Nuts Christmas lingerie edition, all kinds of silky and topless and causing the Yuletide log to stiffen. How can one possible resist taking his $300 limit Discover card to the mall and just going nuts because of Nuts?

The victims of lingerie photos are never thought about enough. Enjoy.

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