Goodbye Holly Peers 2011 Calendar, I Shall Miss You Deeply

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Call it the Circle of Life, out with the old, in with the new, but even as we grow in anticipation of the variously amazing 2012 sexy celebrity calendars destined for our walls here, alas, we must say goodbye to some of our favorites from this past annum. As is our custom, we've selected one current year calendar to honor with a sacrificial and ceremonial and tear-inducing removal from our walls with one final share with our loyal readers. Holly Peers 2011. Such a fine woman, such a fine year of happiness she dig bring us. 

We shall miss you dear Holly 2011, your sun-baked funbags a glorious tribute to the year that was. And while we can't deny within a few weeks time we'll have moved on to other calendars, and perhaps even forgotten the special times we did have, we will always have July. Enjoy.

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