Holly Peers Topless, Seductive, and Behind the Scenes of Her Calendar Shoot (VIDEO)

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Well, okay, so maybe there is a little wee bit more of some big topped awesomeness before we finally finalize the 2012 calendar preview season.

Time to go behind the scenes of the rather funbag-epic photoshoot for the Holly Peers 2012 'Seduction' Calendar for Pabo. We've seen a couple of the actual published pictures from the calendar, and now we get a first hand, double hand, and two good eyeballs, leer at the making of this annualized marking of the days, with the assistance of the ridiculously hot body of one of our very favorite glam-models and sweet boobtastic, Holly Peers. 

Not that we don't get the opportunity to take hot girls to the beach for sexy topless photoshoots, it's just that we tend to get arrested shortly thereafter. Something about non-consent, inappropriate models, and lewd conducts, not sure, who really reads the fine print on those warrants anyhow. Enjoy.

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