Jennifer Nicole Lee Back in Nipple Baring Beach Workout (And A Reverse Crab That Needs Seeing!)

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Where does Jennifer Nicole Lee find all these amazing outfits to parades around in on her beach workouts? I'm guessing there's a store somewhere in Miami called 'Hot Body Shows' or something like that, and if not, there ought to be, because Jennifer would be shopping daily.

The BBW turned fitness guru continued her magic body show along the Eastern Seaboard, bringing out the see-through tops for some delightful nip-views, a more than awesome addition to her entire bevy of hot-tanned bodily views. This girl even makes the tramp stamp look seemly. (Don't even get me started on that reverse crab pose, I can't even look at it long enough to comment appropriately.)

You know how uncomfortable I am with women yelling at me at the gym, or just women yelling at me, or just the gym, but I have to consider retaining the services of Ms. Lee if she comes to scheduled sessions looking all wet and bothered. Enjoy.

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