Jennifer Nicole Lee Tries to Steal the Miami Spotlight... With Her Butt

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We love it when a theme comes together, especially when we don't have to do any mind type work to make it happen. Today definitely seems to be the day of summery bikini madness, despite us here in the Northern Hemisphere rapidly approaching the winter solstice. 

And, thanks to fitness guru and recovered fattie, Jennifer Nicole Lee, we now have an aft-side bikini view of monumental visual glory. Dayum, just focus your retinal cones on that twin pair of tanned buns 'neath Jennifer's pink bikini bottoms and try not to lose consciousness. It's like the twin suns of Tatooine (blatant fanboy shoutout).

Hot girls in bikinis on bikes. There ought to be a law, I mean, mandating hot girls in bikinis to ride bikes, or other moving objects. Enjoy.

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